Pretty and Petal are going green!

Pretty and Petal are going green!

You may notice a change over the next month to our website colours and our branding. Pretty and Petal are still here producing the same candles and wreaths that our customers love just with a different logo and colour scheme.

We felt it was right to change the colouring as our brand goes and mainly orientate around the floral designs. 

As we make this change you may still receive our original logo and colour branding but we will never mix and match within the same order. This is just to allow our stock to run down so we don’t waste anything....

Green isn’t just a colour!

Now is a timely reminder that our “packing peanuts” that keep your orders safe as they leave our studio and get to your front door are recyclable. You can either use them again for your own packing, or pop them in hot water and watch the magic in front of your eyes! 


If you have any questions and queries, please do get in touch



Lauren & Tom