Our Story

Pretty and Petal's journey started with a saucepan and a wax jug in our kitchen in Staffordshire in March 2020.

Like many of you we found ourselves sitting around every day wondering what to do with ourselves during the first lockdown- there’s only so many fence panels to paint and plants to pot!

I was one of the unfortunate few who had been left to find pastures new and my now husband had been furloughed in one of the worst hit industry’s from COVID.

So we decided to do something new.

Pretty and Petal LTD

But why should you choose us?

We’ve searched high and low and tested many different wicks, waxes, oils, containers and even wick centering tools to find the best combination that we believe that makes a great candle. 

We use Soy wax and all of our oils are Vegan to create that clean  burn with an eye on the environment that is so important to us all.

Talking of the environment, all of our packaging is recyclable, our card board boxes and even our packing "peanuts" that keep your candle protected whilst it’s on it way to your door can be reused or even recycled.

Pop them in a bowl of warm water and watch the magic happen!

*SPOILER ALERT* They disappear!

We’d love for you to share our journey with us as we continue to grow and evolve so please subscribe to our channels.




Lauren & Tom