About Us



Welcome to Pretty & Petal from our home in Staffordshire, UK. Pretty & Petal was founded in May 2020 during a global pandemic. At first, designed to be a part time hobby which soon grew to 6,000 customers and nearly 10,000 candles in 12 months! 

Our candles are made from Soy Wax, which is sustainably sourced making our candles both eco and vegan friendly. By preparing the candles in small batches, pouring and packaging by hand we can ensure all products are finished to our high standards. We spent months researching the best wax, oils and wicks to find the perfect combinations and are proud of the highly fragranced candles we have created, ensuring your home is filled with the most gorgeous scent!

Want to know more? Ask away and drop us a message at prettyandpetalpersonal@gmail.com

All our love,

Team Pretty x


- Lauren, Managing Director and Co- Founder.